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We're a full-service video production house that can take you from start to finish on your next video product. Our services include:

• Conceptualizing

• Scripting

• Talent Acquisition

• Video Production

• Video Editing


Ad | Codex Restaurant | 00:57 length

Brand Story Video | Samish Bay Cheese | 06:27 length

Short Feature | Connect Family Chiropractic | 01:57 length


Katie Ann Lange | Director, Editor

Katie Ann’s passion for video fuels her company, Plick’s Flicks, which has connected brands to their audience for more than a decade. She combines storytelling depth with high-tech precision in her directing and editing roles, drawing in diverse viewers worldwide. As a two-time Emmy award winner who illustrates life through a lens (shot on RED), she always puts the story first.

Jade Trapp | Executive Producer

Jade’s role spans from pre-production writer, to
interviewer, to graphic designer, to snack provider…and everything in-between. With a background in visual journalism, her goal is to support authentic narratives told in the most captivating, accessible ways.

Michael Dyrland | Drone Operator

Michael lives to create. Owner and operator of DPdrones, the Pacific Northwest based aerial cinematography company, Michael specializes in larger-than-life perspectives. He’s an FAA licensed part 107 UAV commercial drone pilot and aerial cinematographer who is authorized to fly his DJI Inspire 3 drone at night in multiple airspaces, over people and over moving vehicles.

Our crew takes care of the entire video production process for you –

be as hands on or off as you like.


76% of business owners report positive results when utilizing video marketing.

50% of consumers search for videos prior to purchasing a product or service.

80% of internet users remember a video ad they've encountered in the past month.


What equipment do you use?

Every job calls for a different tool, which is why we've sought out a wide array of equipment to accomplish any goal. We shoot on RED Cameras including the Epic-W which shoots 8K resolution, as well as the Inspire 3 and Inspire 2 drones. We can also supply full lighting, audio equipment, teleprompters, and other equipment the video calls for.

Where are you located?

Our team is based in Washington State, but we often travel all around the world to get the right shot or work with a client.

How much do you charge?

Our packages start at $4,900. You can see what's included on our "Video Packages" tab of the website. We understand that each video is as unique as the brand making it, so we also offer custom packages to accomplish your specific marketing goals. It is our goal that every video exceeds our clients' expectations and earns you more money than you spend. Once we understand the scope of the project we will send over a proposal outlining what we’ve discussed and deliver a custom quote.

What quality of image do you deliver?

We can deliver standard 1080p all the way to 8k, along with vertical videos. The image quality is adapted to your needs and wants.

Do you write the video concepts/scripts or do I?

We typically like to collaborate with our clients to come up with the perfect script. We understand that nobody knows your business like you do, and we know what works for effectively communicating your message to your audience. First, we get to know and understand your business and goals. Then, we start scripting ideas to run by you. Or, we can take a script that you already have and storyboard shots to accomplish the visuals. You can be as hands on or hands off as you'd like!

I know I need video, but where do I start?

Right here! You can fill out your information via the contact form buttons all over our site and we can help you get your project off the ground. We will start with a discovery call where we ask you some questions about the video’s purpose, intended audience, placement, your timeline, etc., and work with you from there to build out a full proposal of what the project will look like. From there, you can decide if you're ready to move forward or not, or if you have any adjustments. It's that simple and there is zero pressure.

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